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Have you ever been stuck in traffic?  Have you ever been stuck in gridlock traffic?  Have you ever been stuck in gridlock traffic in LA while sharing the car in the most uncomfortable scenario ever with the awkwardest car partner?  Yes?  Then, this series is for you!

Chameleon and actor Zach Gold has created comedy gold for himself.  Everyone’s shared nightmare, there’s literally nothing worse than a band of merry fools, all with a prime dilemma, stuck with nowhere to go due to gridlock on the 405 freeway in LA.  Like a great sketch comedy show, this series is simple in premise, but delights as we get to watch Gold play several different characters (each in his or her own amazingly different wig) struggling with their own high-stakes situation, be that an oncoming baby, a foiled getaway plan, or the ever-terrifying: urgent diarrhea.  

In each new episode the plots get thicker, the people in the cars stranger, and the nightmares more dramatic, and we discover that…..each car is actually on the same damn piece of highway.  Will their fates intertwine?  Will they ever get off?  Will they all just spend an eternity in the same damn place, trying in vain to escape? Or will they figure out maybe life’s not so bad just staying put for the moment?  Watch and see!

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By Jeanette Bonner

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