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Valencia International Film Festival closes it´s first web series edition

The Mediterranean Spanish coast celebrated the Valencia International Film Festival – Cinema Jove from the 17-24 of June. This festival, hosted by the FIAPF, embraces for the first time in it´s 31 years of history a new web series official selection.

The valencian actress María Albiñana and the Director and Writer of awarded web series ‘Sin Vida Propia’, Ana Ramón Rubio, had already been in several web series festivals around Europe, U.S and Canada before launching and co-ordinating this new online fiction series section. Looking for the most creative and singular projects, from over 100 submissions only 20 web series from Korea, Singapur, Argentina, France, Italy or U.K were selected.

For this first edition, Cinema Jove festival counted with the support of the two major and most important web fests around the world: Marseille Web Fest, directed and founded by Jean- Michel Albert and LA Web Fest, directed and founded by Michael Ajakwe. Both festivals gave out the grand prize to one spanish web series that will represent Spain and be invited to take part in their next festival´s edition. This year the awarded show was Cabanyal Z (Joan Alamar), a zombies story in a valencian neighbourhood that used to fight against it´s demolition and that today fights against it´s gentrification.

The jury members for this first edition where the catalan Executive Producer and Co-Production Director of Filmax, Adrià Monés; co-founder and Director of distribution company Rockzeline, Antoine Disle; and Michael Ajakwe, LA Web Fest director. The three of them decided that the winning web series should be the argentinian “Un año sin nosotros” (A year without us), directed by Tian Cartier and Fernando Milsztajn.

The story, leaded by Paula Carruega and Alejandro Jovic, tells how a young couple who have been all their life together decide to take a break. Precisely, a year without us. The show won both awards Luna de Valencia to best web series and best web series direction.

They were also two specialized panels. One was for financing, leaded by Xusa Moya (producer of Cabanyal Z), José Antonio Madrid (Director of web series festival of Alfás del Pi) and Víctor Costa, producer and director of ‘Ma femme est pasteure’. The second one focused on web series distribution, was moderated by Ana Ramón Rubio and counted with the participation of Antoine Disle (Rockzeline), Adrià Monés (Filmax) and Michael Ajakwe (LA webfest).

These were the winners for the first edition web series official selection:

Swiss fiction project ‘Ma femme est pasteure‘ won the People´s Choice Award. Mentions of honor were given out to best actors Dan Brietman for ‘Mundillo’ and Gillian Mc Gregor for ‘Nikola Tesla and the end of the world’, best cast was for ‘Footballer wants a wife‘ by Jovita O’Shaughnessy, best photography for ‘Beard Club‘ by Sébastien Nadaud and Pablo Pinasco and best editing mention was for ‘Osmosis‘ by Louise Chiche.

The venue of this first web series section was the emblematic Valencian Institute of Modern Art (IVAM) and the awards night was hosted at the Principal Theater in the center of the city. On Friday 24th of June, Valencia International Film Festival closed its door and starts preparing their 32nd edition, waiting to be held in Summer 2017.

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