Halloween Favorites

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For your Halloween viewing pleasure, WebVee Guide has chosen some favorite spooky shows from our archives. Vampires, ghosts & ghouls await…

The Ghosts

Bloody Mary Show – Sex between a supernatural and a human is one thing, but don’t go falling in love. Mary and her ghostly friends inhabit Hemingway’s bar in this haunting comedy.

Curse of the Witching Tree James Crow displays a refined ability to build suspense, beautifully integrating the moments of horror into the plot and flow of this take on the classic haunted house mystery.

Haunting of Sunshine Girl  – Paige McKenzie is a 16 year old vlogger living in a haunted house. Need we say more?

Deadbeat Kevin “Pac” Pacalioglu (Tyler Labine) is a lovable schlub who just happens to be a medium. Pac’s business is “finishing the unfinished business of ghosts” in this Hulu original comedy.

Stage Fright – An unsuspecting, ordinary couple buy an old theatre and are put in an extraordinarily strange, even dangerous, situation. Masterful storytelling from Jason Brasier and Brittney Greer.

The Goreys Sisters Tori, Abigail and Esther Gorey live in a world where the supernatural is the ordinary.  The gothic house they recently moved into has ghosts, which was the whole point of moving there. This gothic comedy shows what sisters are willing to do to fight for and to protect and defend one another.

The Vampires

Orazio’s Clan (La Stirpe di Orazio) – Three gypsy vampires have sworn not to drink human blood until they find an unconscious young woman who destroys their will power. Things get complicated when they aren’t the only ones interested in the girl…

Vampire Mob – John Colella stars as Don Grigioni, a financially struggling hitman who just happens to be a vampire. Vampire Mob has action and horror elements, but it’s actually a comedy.

I Am Tim – The writing, acting, humor and FOUNTAINS of gore take center stage in Jamie McKeller’s mockumentary. Follow the exploits of one Tim Helsing, a regular guy who learns he is descended from the legendary monster hunter Abraham Van Helsing.  Tim embraces his destiny and, with the help of trusty sidekick Pancho de la Cruz and documentarian Richard Timmons, sets out to protect the world from monsters, demons and the undead.

Judas GoatEqually stylish and horrifying in its five episodes, Judas Goat brings a fresh perspective to the familiar vampire genre. by focusing not on the vampire himself, but on his servant, or “Judas goat”.

Mina Murray’s Journal – We all know the story of Dracula but what about Wilhelmina Murray, the girl who becomes thoroughly involved with the vampire’s curse? What if she was your favorite YouTuber before she met the Count? What if she took you along for the ride? Watch as the story unfolds through vlogs by Mina and her friends.

The Zombies

Acting Dead Does career suicide work? Well, it depends on how you define work. For Tate Blodgett (Brian Beacock) it makes him into a zombie but he does begin to finally get jobs as a zombie actor. Acting Dead is not mind-rotting television that’ll turn you in to a zombie. It’s a funny show.

Still –Terror, excitement, screaming murder zombies, demonic babies and sexy sandwiches – this is one of the creepiest, nightmare-inducing series you will ever see.

Zomblogalypse –  The story of 3 roommates sharing an apartment during the end of the world captures the essential playfulness of humanity, the irrepressible joy in life which truly separates us from zombies. Well, that and our lack of insatiable brain-lust.

Bad Timing Eve (Aqueela Zoll) wouldn’t date co-worker Andy (Andy Goldenberg) if he were the last man on earth. But what if circumstances – for instance, a zombie apocalypse – actually made Andy the last man alive? Would Eve change her mind?

Housed Housed borrows from reality shows that have gone before it: take strangers with nothing in common, throw them in a communal living situation and give them a mutual goal – in this case, fighting attacking zombies.  Alliances will be formed and romantic advances rebuffed.

Miscellaneous Ghouls and Spooky Stuff

20 Seconds To Live – We’re all gonna die. But when? How? Will it be horrific? Will it be funny? Most importantly, will it be entertaining? 20 Seconds To Live is the horror/comedy series for people who hate happy endings.

Bloody Cuts – Looking for a quick shot of horror? Look no further than Bloody Cuts. This anthology series has classic spine-tingling, edge of your seat, short horror films that (except for their length) rival anything on the big screen. Simple stories, great direction, and sharp editing all contribute to these nightmare-inducing original tales. http://webveeguide.com/2015/06/16/bloody-cuts/

Shadow Bound True horror abounds in this tale based on an H.P. Lovecraft story. Set in the 1930’s, this silent, black and white series follows the adventures of Jack Pickman a horror writer who returns to the small town of his childhood following the mysterious death of his father.

Los DesenterradosAn all too frightening premise in this Spanish gem – that of a desperately ill child, and to what lengths her father will go to save her.

Zoochosis – A series of vignettes set to catchy (and recognizable) music, this anthology series has strong elements of horror, sci-fi, comedy and suspense folded into a fascinating package.

The Dead HourA sultry radio DJ named Raven sets the tone for each episode through a cloud of smoke and across the rim of a martini. Mix up a batch of your favorite potent potable and enjoy the overarching creepiness of this anthology series.




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