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“The course of true love never did run smooth” Lysander, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

EMMA’S WORLD Emma’s lost her boyfriend, her job, and her apartment – all in the same day! See how she copes in this wonderfully engaging German comedy. Watch it here

SOMEONE NOT THERE Unrequited love. It’s a familiar topic in song, literature and film. Rarely is it depicted in a manner more heartbreakingly true to life than in this smart, sexy and strikingly relatable series. Almost everyone has suffered a broken heart. We’ve fallen for the wrong person, sure that s/he is our ideal mate. We’ve had our hopes and dreams crushed by not having our love returned. Maybe we have been the one causing the pain or the one caught in the middle of two people trying to make each other jealous. Read more

BLEAK  The funniest show about heartbreak that you will ever see. With a support system like Anna’s friends and parents, it’s no wonder she’s a mess. Read more

SPLIT  Irreconcilable differences. What a perfect phrase for divorcing couple Dana and James Lafferty. I mean – would you, or could you, stay married to someone who’d lied to you almost your entire marriage? Soap opera, thriller, suspense, even a touch of comedy – this show has them all. Read more

3SOME After a bit too much to drink, a game of “Never Have I Ever” leads  engaged couple Jenny and Paul, and Paul’s best friend Rob, down a fateful path. Comedy, drama, and WTF moments ensue in this sexy series. Read more

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