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What’s Valentine’s Day without someone to share it with? Here are five series about the search for that perfect someone.

Q’s One Night Stands is a comedic webseries about one man’s streak of attempted one-night stands with attractive women that ultimately lead nowhere.  Dream come true or worst nightmare?  Probably depends on your gender and your general opinion of one-night stands overall.  Read more

Match Not Found  After a breakup, Kat (Katie Sheridan) goes on Skype to seek advice on dating, love, and life from her friends in this delightful romantic comedy. Watch it here 

Pairings is a story of friendships, family, and the desire to find love. Nice guy Alan (Ed Robinson) may be a great cook, but his recipes for romance are a flop. Read more

Single and Dating in Vancouver A competition among four friends spurs them on to take more risks in their search for the perfect mate. Each episode will have you laughing and nodding your head in recognition of their dating escapades. Read more

Bad Timing Eve wouldn’t date co-worker Andy if he were the last man on earth. But what if circumstances – for instance, a zombie apocalypse –  actually made Andy the last man alive? Would Eve change her mind? Read more

Tinder is the Night Creator Misha Calvert’s look at the hell-pit that is dating in the internet age. Watch it here

The Dangers of Online Dating This dark comedy follows Paula, a sexual-health-nurse with a fear of casual sex consequences, who catapults back in the game by dating online. Watch it here


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