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So you’ve found your soulmate. What now?

FIRSTS Sally is 30-something and getting a bit desperate to find the right guy to settle down with.  She may have found Mr. Right in Dave, but circumstances prevent their relationship from becoming permanent. Enter Chuck. In an atypical “meet cute” Sally and Chuck find that they may well be suited for each other. Sally’s not far off when she quotes Dr. Seuss “you’ve just got to find the crazy that matches your crazy and call it love.” Read more 

ANYONE BUT ME  Vivian, recently uprooted by her single father from New York City and dropped into the suburbs, also happens to be leaving behind a girlfriend and a life where that is not a secret. Forced into a new family dynamic and a new community, she now faces being the new kid in town and perhaps being seen primarily as something that previously was of little consequence. Read more

F#@K I LOVE YOU  A beautifully rendered relationship drama dealing with the battles we fight and compromises we make for those we love, the expectations we’re forced to adjust as we see the world more clearly, and the complicated allegiances of family, country, and self. Read More

GOOD PEOPLE IN LOVE  On July 24, 2011, the State of New York passed a bill that would permit same-sex couples to marry.  This same evening, Maxwell and Carolyn host a dinner party to announce their impending nuptials. At the world’s most uncomfortable dinner party, several subtle yet poignant stories unfold. Read more 

OPOSTO DO SEXO This Brazilian comedy has come up with 85 (!) imaginative excuses for not having sex. Each short episode depicts a couple in bed, one partner in the mood for love and the other not so much. The Attempts at sex are as varied as one could imagine, from bad dreams to in-laws to the World Cup, and so many more. Read more 


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