6 Binge-worthy British Series

Posted by WebVee on July 28, 2017 in Review

1Life: A real insight into the dangers of big brother’s ever present eye. When their latest app has a massive security leak, Jasper, Barney, Charlie and Max are faced with the ultimate question – how much control should one device have? More here

I Am Tim Helsing – Monster Hunter: Blood, carnage, more blood and mass death of the less important cast members, ‘I Am Tim’, has more fight sequences and old school practical special effects than most major blockbuster films. Tim must battle against the forces of darkness (and oddities such as weresheep), while being filmed by his mostly petrified camera crew. More here

The Bloody Mary Show: Comedy horror based around most the superstitions you hear as a child. Though if you say Blood Mary three times into the mirror in this show she is more likely to be fed up than fierce. With other urban-legends joining her at their local haunt ‘Hemingways’, there are many adventures to be had. More here

The Vessel: Gay couple, Rory and Mike have asked their friend Kim to have their baby and what follows is an adventure into the craziness that is becoming pregnant and then becoming a parent, but convention can go right out of the window! More here

Chronicles of Syntax: It’s time to save the world! But first, unlikely friends must find each other to enable them to access special powers and memories that will stop the oncoming apocalypse. More here

Future Duck: He was sent back in time to stop a war – and he’s also a duck.
Along with his housemates, a T-Rex, a Whale and an English Muffin, well…they get into as much trouble and hijinks as you would expect. Animation reminiscent of South Park with badass songs and a lot of familiar faces. More here



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