Fightin’ ISIS

Posted by WebVee on August 4, 2017 in Review

By Shawn Smith

Jesus, are all Australians this pissed about terrorism?

After gleefully consuming the first three episodes of Fightin’ ISIS, I found myself craving more. Which of the four insanely diverse characters will get their hands around the leaders of the most dangerous terror cell? When will it happen? Can these idiots even make it to Syria?

According to the creators of the show, they used “idiot Australians” as inspiration for the series, but the ignorance that the foursome shares about the process of defeating ISIS (or even the mundane details of international travel) is the just backdrop for a killer relationship piece between them. Besides, they’re just “four middle aged white blokes” that can solve all the world’s problems. What average white dad doesn’t feel the same way when they’re sauced up in the garage?

That garage is where this whole plan begins. As fearless leader Gav lays out for Chop, Pip and Archie, they’re heading to Afghanistan and nothing will stop them until they get vengeance for all the evil that the terrorist organization does.

First, though, they need passports.

Gav lays out some Australian beef at the post office in an effort to prove he was born in the country, but since that just won’t do, he commissions his son, Toby, to create some convincing forgeries. Of course those are confiscated later in the episodes, so we’ll have to see later how they can get home. With no cellphones, how are they getting home? Feels like a one-way trip to Hell, methinks.

If Qantas gets them to the Middle East, it’s their driver, Uber Steve, that gets them to the airport for a flight they are running late for. He might be the nicest Muslim the crew has ever met, even if Gav does distrust him at first. All the bottles of water in the world wouldn’t quell his fear that this guy is going to call ISIS and let them know that Gav & company are on their way.

This is a delightful part of the show: these four are blissfully unaware of how bad this plan is and it makes for a great series.

Animation gives the show’s creators (Sebastian Peart, Mark Nicholson and Pete Corrigan, aka Stepmates), the opportunity to be as outlandish as possibility with the scenario the group end up in. They’re proud Australians this cartoon quartet, although we can see how Peart, Nicholson and Corrgian embrace the idiosyncrasies of the Australians they’re representing in the show.

If nothing else, the animated team is misguided. When they head to Afghanistan, they quickly find out that they were supposed to go to Syria. Looks like they left that bit of research pinned on the corkboard in their garage. They will get there, all right, but not without challenges. Or just prison. That was challenge enough.

In prison, Pip finally ends up the hero, after spending much of the earlier episodes serving as comedic fodder, he is redeemed with a can of what he considers “social lubricant”. If anything, the show will make you think about WD-40 in a new way entirely. Because they huff it. Get it? You’re thinking about it as a drug now. Nevermind.

Fightin’ ISIS sets up future episodes of the series with a reasonable cliffhanger. You’re entertained across these three episodes and, as I have said before in other reviews, you’ll want more. A great animated series that has legs to lead to more for the very intelligent (and funny!) creators.

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