5 Must Watch Web Series from Down Under

Posted by WebVee on August 23, 2017 in Review

By Bryanna Reynolds

In no particular order here are the top 5 Australian and New Zealand Web Series you need to binge watch this very second.

Starting From Now

Made In: Australia

Genre: Drama

Views: 33 million+

When it comes to home grown content and talent SFN (Starting From Now) has you covered. A web series that pulls you in from the very beginning and makes you wonder along the way. What I love the most about this series is that it represents a gap in the media market of LGBTQI characters on screen and online for this matter. The series follows the lives of four women living in Sydney, Australia and explores the relationships they have with each other and the reality of coming to terms with one’s own sexuality. If you loved the TV series the L Word then SFN is one you will want to binge through immediately, you can find the YouTube Channel here. The writer/producer/director of the series Julie Kalceff has discovered a niche market with the series and her passion for exposing and exploring real world issues in the LGBTQI community is so powerful and compelling. The webseries was so well received online that series 4 and 5 were aired on Australian TV networks and have now been aired in more than 230 countries. We look forward to future developments and love that the webseries has remained online through all the cast and production team’s successes. They also have fun videos on their youtube channel dedicated to fans and announcing information ahead of time. The series most recently won the Diversity Award at Melbourne WebFest 2017.


Made in: Australia

Genre: Black Comedy

Views: 5 Million+

From the creators of How To Talk Australians, this web series takes a refreshing look at the convict civilisation and the history of Australia in 1788. Set in Australia the series follows the character Bruce who is a man ahead of his time. From the second you start watching the series it is a well structured collaborative production and its high class production quality makes it a hit. Only this series could combine an australian beach, a hanging and british soldiers to create a scene of absolute comedy that makes you question your own historical beliefs of the time. The series writers Warwick Holt and Mat Blackwell most recently won Best Screenplay for Bruce at Melbourne WebFest 2017 and it was also nominated for Best Australian Comedy. If you are a fan of The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise meets local TV series We Can Be Heroes then this web series is for you. All episodes are available to watch on the official YouTube Channel. WebVee Guide caught up with Warwick and Mat via Facebook Live, you can see our chat with them here.

High Life

Made in: Australia

Genre: Dramedy

Views: New Release

This web series was so successful it was turned into a TV movie. High Life is a dramedy about a 17 year old girl who is on the ride of her first manic episode of Bipolar Disorder. This larger than life and brilliantly crafted series by Luke Eve delves into a journey of discovery that still isn’t talked about highly in mainstream media today. It’s why I loved this series so much because they make it a topic you want to learn more about and especially at a younger age. Set in Sydney, Australia this wonderful series makes you want to reach out to your friends and family and really think about the lives of the people around you. Although the series isn’t online at the moment due to a release on 9 November, you can see the trailer for the series here. I hope the series will be available online for international viewing as it is a beautiful and well thought out series around mental illness. High Life won Best Australian Drama, Best Directing and Best Supporting Actor at Melbourne WebFest 2017 as well as Best Series and Best Editing at The Toronto Web Festival. To top this off Stephen Fry was one of the Executive Producers and Sarah Blasko was the Composer. With a multi award winning cast this series is sure to go places. We can’t wait for everyone to be able to view it online.


Human Postcards

Made in: New Zealand

Genre: Lifestyle

Views: Own Website

The best part about Human Postcards is that it is an ongoing web series, they post new content all the time! Each video is 60 seconds and captures stories about people and messages from across New Zealand. The series was a personal project for director/producer Nora Jaccaud who has now produced over 150 stories across the globe. In each episode the story focuses on an everyday person and the little tales they have to give or insight into a particular time in their life. You can get involved by sponsoring the series as well by helping fund these everyday story tellers. Human Postcards have been nominated for Best Web Show at the New Zealand Web Fest and won Best Web Series on Reddit 2015. The series are super interactive with their audience and you can view their content across multiple social media profiles. Check out their instagram page to stay up to date and even be featured in this beautiful project.






Mashed Up

Made in: Australia

Genre: Comedy

Views: New Release

It is always wonderful to hear of people at all stages of their careers and life spans to be pursuing their passions. For the Melbourne WebFest team this year 2017, interns captured a behind the scenes look at what goes on when making a webseries. Mashed Up was a collaboration between Melbourne WebFest and students of Latrobe University. It is a hilarious comedy and takes the audience behind the scenes of life as an intern. If you are a fan of the TV series The Office, then you will want to check out Mashed Up as it features the same production elements of comedy and breaking the 4th wall between audience and character. WebVee Guide were also lucky enough to get an interview with Director Richard Khouri which you can view here on our website. All the episodes are available to watch on the Melbourne WebFest YouTube Channel.

Do you have any go to web series that other WebVee guide readers should check out? Let us know and we will help spread the word. #webveewatch #bingewatch #webseries






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