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Election Day 2016

Posted by WebVee on November 5, 2016 in Review

We hope these series compiled by WVG staff help to get your mind off the U.S. presidential elections. Hill Yes –  If you have ever knocked on a door, stuffed an envelope, or called a bunch of strangers in support of a candidate, then Hill Yes  will certainly resonate. Emily Bell and Ron Morehouse star

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Halloween Favorites

Posted by WebVee on October 27, 2016 in Columns

HALLOWEEN FAVORITES For your Halloween viewing pleasure, WebVee Guide has chosen some favorite spooky shows from our archives. Vampires, ghosts & ghouls await… The Ghosts Bloody Mary Show – Sex between a supernatural and a human is one thing, but don’t go falling in love. Mary and her ghostly friends inhabit Hemingway’s bar in this

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Mina Murray’s Journal

Posted by WebVee on October 21, 2016 in Review Susan E. Clarke

By Susan E. Clarke We all know the story of Dracula but what about Wilhelmina Murray, the girl who becomes thoroughly involved with the vampire’s curse? What if she was your favorite YouTuber before she met the Count? What if she took you along for the ride? Mina Murray’s Journal is a wonderfully addictive web

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Posted by WebVee on October 20, 2016 in Web Fest News

Countdown to the UK Web Fest 2016 Following the success of last year’s event, a second annual UK Web Fest will be held on Saturday 29th October 2016 at Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square, London between 9AM-500PM with an awards ceremony and networking event after. This is an opportunity for fans of exciting, independent digital

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ITVFest: Cultivating a Community for Storytellers

Posted by WebVee on October 18, 2016 in Columns Jeanette Bonner

By Jeanette Bonner To get a sense of what ITVFest actually is, you could always troll Facebook for some of the many hundreds of pictures that participants put up the next day.  Or you could scroll through the delightful Twitter handle @OverheardAtITVF which made its debut this year with anonymous overheard nonsense.  But to truly

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NYC Web Fest 2016

Posted by WebVee on September 29, 2016 in Uncategorized

Showcasing 96 Digital Series From Around the World, The 3rd Annual NYC Web Fest Returns to the PIT Loft November 10th-12th in Manhattan New York, NY- September 23, 2016 – the 3rd Annual NYC Web Fest (NYCWF) has announced its Official Selections today – a wide variety of web series’ that span the globe.  The PIT Loft

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Turkey Legs and Crotch Punches…These are the Knights of New Jersey

Posted by WebVee on September 28, 2016 in Review

By Shawn M. Smith Knights of New Jersey is the tangled tale (alliteration, yes!) of the personal and professional lives of renaissance fair performers or “rennies.” They take their involvement in the historical production quite seriously and regardless of what we “mundanes” (read: normal folk) think, it means something to them all. This is a

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Vancouver Web Fest 2017

Posted by WebVee on September 24, 2016 in Web Fest News

VANCOUVER WEB FEST (VWF)  is pleased to announce The Carter Mason Award for Excellence. Carter Mason (California), was a pioneer in the world of new media and was a fierce supporter of independent media, particularly independently produced web/digital series both locally and around the world. Carter developed, an ad-free premium digital channel specifically for

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WebFest Berlin 2016

Posted by WebVee on September 24, 2016 in Web Fest News

The winners of Webfest Berlin 2016 are as follows: Grand Jury Award – A Year Without Us (AR) Best Comedy – The Wizards of Aus (AUS) Best Drama – Beard Club (FR)  Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror – 20 Seconds to Live (USA) Best Action/Thriller/Suspense – Arthur (CH) Best Animation/Puppetry – Tubeheads (DE) Best Non- Fiction – Snippets

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