Daniela DiIorio

Daniela DiIorio

Daniela DiIorio has worked as an on-screen and voice-over actress for over 10 years and is one of the main players in an acting troupe for Happy Little Guillotine Studios — a successful production house and creative agency responsible for some of the biggest digital series on the web.

Most recently, Daniela was one of the lead actors in a TruTV pilot for the sketch show, SIX DEGREES OF EVERYTHING and can currently be seen being overtly sarcastic in three national CreditKarma commercials.

Aside from her recent work, Daniela has starred in two seasons of the award-winning, critically-acclaimed digital series, LEAP YEAR and one season of the also-award-winning and also-critically-acclaimed digital series, BREAK A LEG. She has also acted in a variety of branded spots for companies like Samsung, SAP, Zappos, Arby’s, Chili’s and many more. Her voice can be heard in an upcoming animated series for Machinima, entitled, ESCAPE FROM TEAM FORTRESS, as well as a number of commercials for Omni Hotel, OurTime, the Canadian Armed Forces and one super duper secret project that she wishes she could write about in her bio but, currently, kind of can’t.

Finally, Daniela is the host and face of WebVeeGuide — an online network dedicated to covering entertainment in the digital space.

Besides acting, Daniela is desperately in love with Italy and cupcakes.

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